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Sl.No. Project Named LD Caption Taka Completion Date Security
01 Construction of 1 x 52 ā€˜Eā€™ type accommodation Including Ancillary Works (14 Storey With 14 Storied Foundation with basement floor) for officers at mirpur cantt under station HQ Dhaka (1st Phase). JOB NO-53& CEA NO/240 Resid. Bldg Of 2014-2015. Contract Amount 18,32,50,015.32/- 18/09/2016 91,63,000/-
02 Construction of Bldg 1X CWC For Station HQ at Dhamalcoat areaDhaka Cantt. JOB NO-95 & CEA NO/65 of 2014-2015. Contract Amount 3,24,99,180.00/- 28/09/2015 16,25,000/-
03 Construction of Academic BLDG (03 Storied With 06 Storied FDN ) Including Ancillary Works For English Version Cantt. Public School & College Under Nat. Curriculum At Dhamalcoat, Dhaka Cantt. Contract Amount 21,35,99,956.43/- 30/11/2015 1,06,80,000/-

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